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Who is the greatest Sportsman in History?


The importance of tennis player Roger Federer goes far beyond his eight titles at Wimbledon or the 19 Grand Slams he has achieved in his career, but can you consider the Swiss as the best sportsman of all time.

We’re not talking about his eighth title at Wimbledon, on Sunday, or the 19 Grand Slams, or any of the records he has achieved throughout his brilliant career.

What hit the Swiss tennis player, 35, can not be quantified, but it may be the highest prize he has achieved.

Its transcendence is that it is undisputed. In fact it is hard to remember the name of another athlete who has achieved a consensus to his greatness so unanimously.

Federer is the best male tennis player of all time and that is something that no one doubts or can question.

Even the most fervent supporters of the Spanish Rafael Nadal, his archrival sports, recognize that what Federer can only understand in a dimension that surpasses the admiration that generates his game.

For some reason the Swiss tennis player has been voted the most popular tennis player by fans for the past 14 years and can boast a legion of fans for whom his devotion to Federer goes beyond the sport itself.

For them it is not only the player Federer, but also in his versions of dad, husband, joker, elegant, sentimental or any other in any other role that he has to play.

Hence, your RF monogram is already a registered trademark.

Federer acknowledged that fans’ recognition was especially valuable last year when he ended his season after falling to the semi-finals at Wimbledon and failing to qualify for his first Masters final since 2002.

But if there was anything special about his triumph at Wimbledon this year he did it for the first time in front of his four children. “It was something important for me, to see my four children watching from the box, with their dad receiving the trophy in such a special stage.”

The best

These are the arguments presented by those who consider Federer as the best sportsman of all time, a debate that arose again after the triumph of Federer in the cathedral of tennis.

The problem is that it seems impossible to establish the parameters to choose athletes of such diverse and different ages.

In addition to the fact of the selective memory that usually prevails in these cases, where personal experience gives a dose of subjectivity to the selection.

But the truth is that there are facts and facts that tilt the balance in favor of the Swiss tennis player in comparison with other great sportsmen who has given the story.

The fact that Federer is not discussed as the greatest in his sport places him at a level above any of the best players that has given the most popular sport on the planet.

They are the defenders of the Brazilian Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele, but given that his record of goals goes back to a time of black and white has allowed other players to reclaim his throne.