Advice for Parents while indulging their Kids into Sports

Parents should keep in mind that physical activity on a continuous basis is a goal to be achieved in the education of their daughters and sons. They will be a help and a good example for them:
If they usually also do some activity and also, if for family leisure time, they propose physical activities.
If they are dressed in comfortable clothes and do not mind spoiling, so they can play and exercise without fear of getting dirty.
If they make it easier for them to do the activities they like best, without their own preferences prevailing.
If they try not to reject or over-praise them for their performance in the sport they practice. Although winning is great it is important to learn to enjoy participating.
If they are interested in the sport they practice: seeing if they like and progress, attending competitions in which they participate and encouraging them without being a coach.
If they encourage their children to practice sports according to the rules and show respect and cordiality with coaches and athletes of opposing teams and referees.
If they applaud the good performances of both their own children and those of their partners and opponents, understanding that sport is a game.
If they collaborate with the school or club in the organization of activities, delegating to the coach the task of educating their children when they play sports, commenting with him discreetly when they do not agree on something.