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Who is the greatest Sportsman in History?


The importance of tennis player Roger Federer goes far beyond his eight titles at Wimbledon or the 19 Grand Slams he has achieved in his career, but can you consider the Swiss as the best sportsman of all time.

We’re not talking about his eighth title at Wimbledon, on Sunday, or the 19 Grand Slams, or any of the records he has achieved throughout his brilliant career.

What hit the Swiss tennis player, 35, can not be quantified, but it may be the highest prize he has achieved.

Its transcendence is that it is undisputed. In fact it is hard to remember the name of another athlete who has achieved a consensus to his greatness so unanimously.

Federer is the best male tennis player of all time and that is something that no one doubts or can question.

Even the most fervent supporters of the Spanish Rafael Nadal, his archrival sports, recognize that what Federer can only understand in a dimension that surpasses the admiration that generates his game.

For some reason the Swiss tennis player has been voted the most popular tennis player by fans for the past 14 years and can boast a legion of fans for whom his devotion to Federer goes beyond the sport itself.

For them it is not only the player Federer, but also in his versions of dad, husband, joker, elegant, sentimental or any other in any other role that he has to play.

Hence, your RF monogram is already a registered trademark.

Federer acknowledged that fans’ recognition was especially valuable last year when he ended his season after falling to the semi-finals at Wimbledon and failing to qualify for his first Masters final since 2002.

But if there was anything special about his triumph at Wimbledon this year he did it for the first time in front of his four children. “It was something important for me, to see my four children watching from the box, with their dad receiving the trophy in such a special stage.”

The best

These are the arguments presented by those who consider Federer as the best sportsman of all time, a debate that arose again after the triumph of Federer in the cathedral of tennis.

The problem is that it seems impossible to establish the parameters to choose athletes of such diverse and different ages.

In addition to the fact of the selective memory that usually prevails in these cases, where personal experience gives a dose of subjectivity to the selection.

But the truth is that there are facts and facts that tilt the balance in favor of the Swiss tennis player in comparison with other great sportsmen who has given the story.

The fact that Federer is not discussed as the greatest in his sport places him at a level above any of the best players that has given the most popular sport on the planet.

They are the defenders of the Brazilian Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele, but given that his record of goals goes back to a time of black and white has allowed other players to reclaim his throne.


Tottenham willing to pay 38 million Euros for Sanchez


Sanchez, just 21, would be the most expensive Colombian defender in history and his transaction would be the third most expensive in the history of national football, only surpassed by those of James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao Garcia.

The Ajax defender had a remarkable performance in his first season in European football and thanks to his youth he qualified as one of the most sought after defenders of the summer.

From its arrival it consolidated like proprietor and finished receiving the prize to the player more outstanding of the club in the season 2016/2017 in which it participated in 45 parties and in which it marked 6 goals.

The player born in Caloto, Cauca, was the great sensation of Dutch football and with his club managed to reach the final of the UEFA Europa League in which fell with Manchester United, and finished second in the Dutch League only behind the Feyenoord.

Its youth attracted the attention of the great European teams, being the Barcelona that more approaches made to stay with its services. Nevertheless, everything indicates that the club cule prefers to make effective his option on the also Colombian, Yerry Mina, circumstance that discarded the arrivo de Sanchez.

Taking advantage of the indecision of the Catalan club, English Tottenham has already submitted an offer to Ajax with which he aspires to take the rights of the Colombian that would be around 38 million euros.

The London team comes second to the Premier League and this season will play the Champions League. Up until now it had been the powerful teams of this championship that had least moved in the sign-up window.

His only additions came as a result of loan completion and he was still in default of acquiring a new player despite having sold more than 80 million euros to players like Kyle Walker, Nabil Bentaleb and Federico Fazio. Only Walker received 51 million euros from Manchester City, a record for a side.

Sanchez would have to fight for a place with several centers that are already consolidated in the team White Hart Lane like the Belgians Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen, in addition to the Austrian Kevin Wimmer.

Despite the departure of Davinson, Ajax would not renounce ending his relationship with the Colombians as he has just announced the signing of Luis Manuel Orejuela, former player of Cali, who plays as a right-back. And the club will keep Mateo Casierra this season.


Usain Bolt’s Dramatic Ending


In the last race of his life, the greatest athlete of history suffered an injury that did not allow him to retire by the great door.

Usain Bolt’s successful career had the most unexpected end. In the 4×100 relay of the London World Athletics, the Jamaican athlete could not get out the big door of what would be the last competition of his life. An injury prevented him from fighting for what many bet would be the farewell medal.

The Rayo was in charge to give the last change of the race of the Jamaican team, but when it was ready to reach its rivals, a puncture in the left leg made that it fell in the track without being able to fight for the victory. The image with the arms raised and first in the goal, the most common in his life, could not be reedited.

The world’s fastest man fell to the ground and the more than 60,000 spectators at the London Olympic Stadium were not unnerved by the dramatic outcome of the Jamaican’s brilliant career.

In the end, Britain was left with the gold, followed by the United States quartet and the podium was closed by the Japanese. Thus ended a 9-year winning streak for Jamaica in est ok, always with Bolt as the protagonist.

Bolt, who turns 31 on Aug. 21, did not lose relays since the 2008 Beijing Olympics title, adding two more Olympic victories in London-2012 and Rio-2016.

Although the locals were left with the triumph the center of attention was Bolt who needed the help of the doctors to reincorporate in what was the last competition of his life in which he even dropped the will.

“He did not tell us exactly what was wrong with him, but from what I saw, it looked like a muscle pull or a cramp,” said Julian Forte, one of the members of the Jamaican quartet.

“We were sorry but we told him that he did not have to excuse himself, that injuries are part of the sport,” he added.

His final collection in the World Cups was in 11 titles. He also added eight Olympic gold medals, in addition to setting world records of 9.58 seconds in the 100 and 19.19 seconds in the 200. He is the only sprinter to have won the 100-200 double in three Olympics.

A race that must be taken into account as one of the most glorious in the history of the sport because it dominated at pleasure the most important competitions of the Olympism leaving marks that will hardly be broken.


The reverence of Justin Gatlin to Usain Bolt in its last race of the 100 meters


The biggest athlete in history disputed his last competition in the 100 meters flat arriving third behind behind Gatlin, the American surrendered before the king of the speed after managing to overcome it.

In one of the most anticipated races in history came the surprise that no one expected. In the 100 meters of the Athletics World Championship, Usain Bolt was not able to retire with the gold and was due to be satisfied with the second place behind Justin Gatlin.

The American starred in the image of the day to surrender to the king of speed despite having overcome with an explosive shot in the only anaerobic test of the sport.

This result disappointed those attending the Olympic Stadium in London who expected the Jamaican to take his last start in the test he dominated over the last decade. However Gatlin was faster and stopped the chronometers with a time of 9.92, ahead of also American Christian Coleman (9.94) and Bolt, who won the bronze (9.95).

When the result of the race was known, there was what can already be considered an iconic image in the history of the sport, that of the winner at the feet of Bolt accepting his greatness in spite of this triumph.

This was the first time that the world’s fastest man was defeated in a World Championships or Olympic Games final, a streak he had waged since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In his eight participation’s in the 100 meters event in big events, he added three Olympic gold medals in the distance (Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016) and others in World Championships (Berlin-2009, Moscow-2013 and Beijing- 2015).

The Jamaican lightning equaled his best time of the season that he achieved last July 21 in Monaco, but did not reach him to keep the gold. This was the second time Gatlin overcame Bolt. He had already achieved it in the Diamond League 2013 but his win was not well received by the attendees because this runner has been linked to doping investigations.

Despite being lost, the bronze medal winner stole the show on the track and was acclaimed by the public who acknowledged his greatness despite this adverse result.


Importance of Sport in Health

“In contrast to a life linked to sport and periodic physical activity we have physical sedentary, being considered as the lack of physical activity of varying intensity, this being the habit responsible for a vulnerability in health, preventing the body to offer a favorable response Before a varied amount of disorders, especially in regard to Cardiovascular Diseases.

The practice of sport helps to reduce a large number of diseases such as myocardial infarction’s, in addition to achieving a reduction of body weight, being just one of the ways to prevent obesity, in addition to benefit the body with greater joint mobility, added To increase our Body’s Reaction Capabilities and to improve Body Skills.

In addition, Sport helps Health with regard to our day-to-day life, contributing to eliminate the Feeling of Tiredness that we can suffer if we do not practice it frequently, In addition to eliminating the Feeling of Discomfort that can afflict those who have a sedentary life, in addition to eliminate the Low Self-esteem that usually appears in those people who are dissatisfied with their own Body Image.

In addition, it is usually related to the practice and the Values ​​of Sport as a way to instill compliance with the rules, the Fair Play, the nobility that Ue has to carry out a Sports Competition and other educational values ​​that help not only to improve the quality of life, but also to improve the future of those who practice a sport, guaranteeing a good health and a conscience about the personal care.

The benefits of having a periodic Physical Activity are highly superior to a rather relaxed life, in which we do not exercise our body and instead spend a lot of time in inactivity, so one of the recurring and recommended practices is precisely the choice of A Sport to practice, and having the record of enjoying it several times a month.

The benefits that Sport brings in Health are related precisely to the exercise, being able not only to have Practices related to the practice of the same, but also to simply the Practice of Recreation Sport, simply for fun and enjoying it with friends, in family or practicing it in any particular Club or Federation.


How to know which is the best Dive computer for your Scuba Diving Sports


One of risky activities done in water bodies is Scuba diving which is popularly done for reasons like as a sports activity, for exploration of sea beds, under water machinery handling for ships and water transport devices.

There are many safety apparatuses have been found and are used for Scuba diving, however the dive computers are the most important ones among all of them as it both guides them as well serves as a safety boundary limits alert system.

The Dive Computer headquarters serves as the best buying guide for buying Dive computers.Nowadays Dive Computers offer so many features and configurations. Really it is a challenge to sort out the best one for you.

You can simplify your search procedure by choosing the features and designs that best fit for your diving style.

1. Decide the design of the dive computer, strapped to your wrist or gauge mounted.
2. Identify the features and capabilities that are essential for you. Do you need air integration And while considering the consoles you can choose either hose or hose less.
3. Simplicity in operation: Some computers are intuitive such that you are tempted to use without looking at the manual. While to use other dive computers you need some time to study. Decide on whether you can have the highly sophisticated dive computers or a normal one.
4. Screen displays: The latest dive computers have improved screen displays with bigger size, multicolored and highlighted information.
5. Personalizing the settings: You can choose from the safety options and other settings such as audio, depth warnings, visual alarms and deep stops available in different type of dive computers.
6. The dive computers come in assortment of colors and it is your option to choose as you wish.
7. The buttons must be manageable while diving and even when wearing gloves.
8. Backlights also are available to see clearly the objects under water.
9. An additional feature for you to consider is whether you dive on Air or on Nitrox also.
10. It would be great to have user changeable computer battery. So the diver can replace the batteries when they get drained.

Overall, we should have in mind that it is still a device whatever may be the cost or it may be the best in operation. It is good to use your common sense and intuition even if your dive computer tells you that everything is going alright.


Advice for Parents while indulging their Kids into Sports


Parents should keep in mind that physical activity on a continuous basis is a goal to be achieved in the education of their daughters and sons. They will be a help and a good example for them:

If they usually also do some activity and also, if for family leisure time, they propose physical activities.

If they are dressed in comfortable clothes and do not mind spoiling, so they can play and exercise without fear of getting dirty.

If they make it easier for them to do the activities they like best, without their own preferences prevailing.

If they try not to reject or over-praise them for their performance in the sport they practice. Although winning is great it is important to learn to enjoy participating.

If they are interested in the sport they practice: seeing if they like and progress, attending competitions in which they participate and encouraging them without being a coach.

If they encourage their children to practice sports according to the rules and show respect and cordiality with coaches and athletes of opposing teams and referees.

If they applaud the good performances of both their own children and those of their partners and opponents, understanding that sport is a game.

If they collaborate with the school or club in the organization of activities, delegating to the coach the task of educating their children when they play sports, commenting with him discreetly when they do not agree on something.


What does Law suggests about Participating and playing Sports


Sports activity will be beneficial for you:

  1. If you can choose the sport you like.
  2. If you are in a group with a level similar to yours.
  3. If you have a good monitor.
  4. If you get the support of your parents.
  5. If you can participate in sports decisions that affect you.
  6. If you participate in a safe and healthy environment.
  7. If the sports preparation you receive is adequate.
  8. If you can have the same opportunities as others.
  9. If you are treated with dignity and respect.
  10. If you have fun with the sport you practice.


Buying Outdoor Gear – 4 Tips To Help You Select Well


The only way to beat stress is to engage ourselves in some sort of recreational and physical activities whenever we find time and thus to relax. There are many physical activities such sports, dancing and outdoor activities like trekking, camping etc.

Outdoor activities are mostly adventurous and may also involve adventurous sports as a part of it. And both sports and outdoor activities require their own set of products and accessories such as gear and equipment for safety and at the same time to have the necessary things to execute them.

When it comes to buying outdoor gear only as you engage yourselves in more of these activities you will get some idea on it but by that time you would have already spent a lot of money on it, here are 4 tips to help you select well a suitable outdoor gear for yourself.

The first and foremost things are the quality of the material with which the gear is made and this would determine its ruggedness and usability. Then, check how comfort you are with using the gear. It is should be handy enough to carry it in backpack and use it whenever necessary and should be waterproof and withstand all weather conditions.


Best of all dive computers for Underwater Diving


No one can precisely come to a conclusion that a particular Dive computer is the best of all dive computers as it largely depends on the preference of having recreating diving or technical diving and all the dive computers have different algorithms and they have different features built according to the utility requirement. This variety of availability is a boon for Divers to choose wisely the Dive computer that meets their Diving safety and assistance expectations.

At the same time, if one is not clear about what Dive computer to choose for their Diving and has less awareness and knowledge on the different models of it and various features available with each model, then they should ask some questions which will help them to identify their needs.

By asking some of the below questions and getting some clarity using information from Dive Computer can help you buy yourself the best dive computer.

What are you looking specifically in your dive computer. A console attached with a high pressure hose or a wrist computer that can be worn like a wrist watch. This will facilitate you to narrow down your search easily.

Do you like to have air integration? It will take the pressure in your air tank either using wireless sensor or high pressure hose (console based dive computer).

Would you like to have big color screen with a big number or a small obtrusive computer lie a wrist watch? Some people prefer to have big screens with fancy displays others like small watch style computers that can be used even when you are not diving.

Do you want a dive computer that does with mixed gases like nitrox, trimix or multiple gases like air, deco glasses , nutrix) It mainly depends on the type of diving you do or you like to do in the future. Do not rely on this factor and select a computer, then you may end up owning multiple dive computers at a point.

Your budget can also influence your best selection. The most expensive dive computer does not mean that it suits the best if it does not fit your diving style.

If you are new to diving and not sure of the features, you may just look at the Suuntozoop and Oceanic Veo computers. Both are wrist watch style dive computers suiting for air/nitrox and they do not break the bank. There is no best diving computer and it depends on the kind of diving you are doing and the style you prefer.